Announcing LumoSQL Database Phase II

| July 27, 2021 | |Dan Shearer | ||

LumoSQL is a derivative of SQLite, the most-used software in the world. Our focus is on privacy, at-rest encryption, reproducibility and the things needed to support these goals. The NLNet Foundation continues to support LumoSQL, this time via the NGI Assure fund linked below.

In LumoSQL Phase II, the team is focussing on:

  • Lumions as a universal data transport as well as the fundamental unit of private and secure data storage in LumoSQL.

  • Implementing a small subset of the Postgresql 13 RBAC permissions model via the SQL statements CREATE ROLE/GRANT/REVOKE etc. An important addition to Postgres is to allow per-row permissions as well as per-table.

  • An extension of Phase I's hidden column mechanism, now to include hidden tables. When using the native SQLite file format, hidden columns (similar to ROWID) and tables are intended to be invisible to unmodified SQLite binaries. These columns and tables implement row-based and table-based encryption and more.

  • Further integration of the LMDB key-value store as an optional backend, from version 0.9.11 onwards, and also the LMDBv1.0 pre-release. This work aims to implement remaining SQLite and LMDB API features, and to prepare for the page-level database encryption that is coming with LMDBv1.0.

  • Improved documentation, assembling the knowledge we gained in Phase I, discussing the infrastructure as we now understand it, and covering the new features for privacy and encryption. We do realise there is plenty of work to do on this front :-)

LumoSQL retains and builds on Phase I features including:

  • The build, benchmark and test tools to measure unmodified SQLite and LumoSQL in various configurations

  • The Not-Fork tool which allows multiple upstream codebases to be combined across multiple versions without forking

Further info from these URLs:

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