Welcome to LumoSQL

LumoSQL is a project under active developement. Our goal is to build a reliable and secure database management system that is fully open-source and improves on the performance on classic SQLite.

NEWS! - LumoSQL Phase II announcement

Phase II (ongoing)

Phase I (complete)

LumoSQL started as a combination of two embedded data storage C language libraries: SQLite and LMDB. LumoSQL builds on Howard Chu's 2013 proof of concept sqlightning combining the two codebases. Howard's LMDB library has become a ubiquitous replacement for bdb on the basis of performance, reliability, and license so the 2013 claims of it greatly increasing the performance of SQLite seemed credible. D Richard Hipp's SQLite is used in thousands of software projects, and since three of them are Google's Android, Mozilla's Firefox and Apple's iOS, an improved version of SQLite will benefit billions of people.

LumoSQL is currently under development. Contributions to code and documentation are welcome.

LumoSQL was started in December 2019 by Dan Shearer, who did the original source tree archaeology, patching and test builds. Keith Maxwell joined shortly after and contributed version management to the Makefile and the benchmarking tools.

LumoSQL is supported by the NLnet Foundation.

Published under MIT license.